Our HP Support adds 123 hp com setup, printer software driver download for either windows and mac, Hp Printer wireless setup(all programs), scan doctor setup, mobile printer setup, HP Smart app support, and Troubleshooting all HP Printer issues.

123.HP.COM/SETUP PRINTER SUPPORT Printers are one of the greatest printing machines ready in the market which is Well suitable for computers. Hp Printers are quite known for their features and their services for Home users, tiny office users, and even for business purpose users. So, when you are purchasing a new Hp printer, You have to first open it and connect with your Computer. Then only we can be ready to print. Since you are a freshman you can’t set up a new printer with a PC. That’s why we are here to guide you with Printer Support like primary first setup, printer driver installation, wireless setup and fix hp printer problems. Just follow our guidelines exactly to make Hp Printer Setup easy. If you want immediate support, communicate with our technical support team.


You will get the printer in a well-recovered box when buying the new hp printer. You must be calm to open your new printer. Follow the instruction from step by step to the hp printer driver setup.

  • In order to open your printer, you need to first remove the packaging materials.
  • Easily manage the printer parts to stop abuse to the printer.
  • Use the power cable out next. Connect it to your printer and energy source for a current connection.
  • Turn on your printer to proceed.
  • Support the reports into the paper plate. Take a part of clean reports and order them without waves or lines.
  • Lastly, remove the internal box, place the reports, and close the box.
  • Install the ink cartridges on similar slots after inserting the report.
  • On each 123hpcom setup printer ink slot, you will see a color strip for the right addition of the cartridge.


Here you find measures for the configuration of your hp printer software. This indicates that the printer software is downloaded and installed. Use the instruction to download and install the powerful 123 hp printer driver.

  • Switch on your HP printer and PC for the first time. Open the search engine of your option from your home screen.
  • Go to the link now, start the search engine.
  • You should know your model number previously. Enter your printer model number for your hp printer to utilize the nicest printing software package.
  • Select the nicest printer driver on the security of your OS.
  • Next, touch the Download choice and the download process will start in some seconds.
  • Go to the folder Download and choose the printer software file.
  • Lastly, operate your PC software file to help from printing experience Reference for installation of 123 hp windows printers or 123 hp mac printers.


You can join all Wi-Fi devices with a 123 hp wireless printer configuration. 123 HP Com Setup. The following section gives Wi-Fi Direct means. To start, follow the steps for setting up a hp printer wireless network. Refer to if you want help.

  • First of all, try the control panel of your printer. Search the Wi-Fi Direct option now.
  • Snap-on the Wi-Fi Direct option once it is found. Then scroll down to choice Settings.
  • If you find the option Switch On, touch on it. This allows Wi-Fi on your printer.
  • The primary Wi-Fi method enables you to connect up to five wireless devices.
  • Also if the device has a USB connection, utilize this method.
  • Verify the device’s internet connection before beginning.
  • Open the driver for HP Printer. Go to the Tools choice first. Additionally, open system Setup Software.
  • Choose Connect a new device choice afterward.
  • Snap the Wireless option for up to five wireless devices.
  • You have completed the wireless configuration for your hp printer with the steps above.
  • Your printer also supports the Wireless Setup hp printer for mobile devices.
  • Examine setup and obtain out how to set up wireless internet on the hp printer.