How to do an HP scan on the computer?

How to do an HP scan on the computer?


The HP printers have a plate of choices ready for the client from printing to scanning and faxing. If we chat about scanning the HP Scanners can read almost any type of 2D images such as photos or paintings. Get, once you can scan the photo you can send these to the PC desktop right or to some other system that can be connected to the HP printer. To do an HP scan on a computer, you just need the HP scan software that is established on the computer. In this section, you will get to see the helpful steps to make an HP scan on the computer.

Let us start the HP scan to computer method for Windows 10

Here is the guidance is given here:-

  1. Switch on your HP printer and load papers in the plate and confirm that the ink and color cartridges are installed correctly.
  2. Install the item on the scanner glass that you want to scan.
  3. Go to the “HP scan to computer” page to install the related application from the MS Office store.
  4. Launch the application once the installation finishes.
  5. Click on the “Menu” icon and next, open the settings window.
  6. Go to the “Choose device” tab and then select your HP Printer model.
  7. Click on the “Document scan” choice to do the changes in any settings and then click on the rear arrow.
  8. Select the outside of the settings menu and then click on the “Capture docs/photos” choice.
  9. When the hp scan to the PC gets finished just click on the “Save” button.

How to perform an HP scan to a computer mac?

For the method to scan from HP to Mac devices, you want to follow the guidance given here:

  1. Connect to the scanner or HP printer and open the “Apple” menu.
  2. Snap-on the “System Preferences” choice and snap-on the “View” choice.
  3. After this, click on the “Print&Scan” choice and snap-on the “+” button.
  4. Select the scanner and follow the on-screen guidance.
  5. Presently, upgrade the scanner’s software and then snap-on the “Software Update” tab.
  6. Snap-on the “Update All” on the screen and click on the “Apple” menu.
  7. Snap-on the “App Store” and snap-on the “Updates” button and snap-on the “Update all” choice.
  8. Locate the report in your scanner and then open the “Spotlight” choice.
  9. Simply, open the “Preview” button and click on the “File” choice.
  10. Select “Import from scanner” and next snap-on the “Include Network Devices” choice.
  11. Select the scanner choice and then snap-on the “File” choice.
  12. Snap-on the “Import from scanner” and then snap-on the “File” choice and then snap-on the “Export as PDF” button.
  13. Type your name and then select the “save location” button and click on the “Save” choice.

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