HP Smart App

The HP Smart app includes the tools to get print and scan your Reports, set up your HP Printer to wireless networks, and Monitor ink levels. Establishment of HP Smart App in Windows 10

You can get HP Smart print next you install the HP Smart app on your device

 Smart App Download

  1. Primary, drive from your Windows Store in your Windows10 device.
  2. Then continue with the on-screen guidelines to download and install the app. Now open the app so that the quest for installed Printers’ preference starts.
  3. When your Printer displays, touch your Printer. If you set up the new Printer, then one will display with Setup following the name.
  4. If your printer does not display, then touch the Plus sign. Then continue with the on-screen directions to set up or join your new Printer.

HP Smart app – Print Report and Images

  1. The next case is a pipe to print or scan Reports from the HP Smart app home screen in your Printer.
  2. Originally touch the Print Reports or Print image of the home screen.
  3. Next in the Reports folder, identify the image or PDF.
  4. More move to a different folder, where you can find your folder.
  5. After selecting the image or Reports you want to print and then tap Print.
  6. This will display the show of the print function in the Microsoft Print Preview window.
  7. Presently you can select various Printers or create variations in Print settings from the show window as per your choice.
  8. Following tap print from the show window, so that the preview window closes and the Printer prints the Report or image.
  9. Presently tap made in the HP Smart app Print window. Then the hp smart app will get back to the home screen.

Scan image or Reports

  1. You can scan your image or Reports to Windows 10 device from your HP Printer and when you can give these scans.
  2. First tap the Scan pipe on the display screen of the HP Smart app, so that the scan window begins.
  3. Close, you modify the settings like page size and Report type from the scan window. Then visit Scan, so that the scan show will be given.
  4. Presently tap Edit from the show screen. Then make any changes utilizing the editing tools like crop or rotate.
  5. Then to fix the border, tap and hold a sad dot. So that a scan show that provides editing will be displayed in the Edit window.
  6. Next, this tap Apply, once you complete the edits. Then the result window will perform any change to the scan.
  7. Following this, you can print, save, or share the scan in the result windows. When you might share or save the scan job and tap OK.
  8. Following, you can view the Printer state, go for your Printer data, Printer records, view print job Reports, make regular monitoring of ink levels, view the wireless status, and then you can work in the HP immediate ink dashboard.

More Advantages of HP Smart App

You can detect the extra points of the HP Smart app like Print here, Help Center, support, and smart jobs on the home screen

Settings:  You can customize your home screen and help other data like secrecy comments, feedback options, collection of data, and so on. 

  1. To print, send the scan assignment to your HP OfficeJet Printer.
  2. The Reports folder and the image library are the error save find that includes the Reports you want to be scanned.
  3. When you may share the scan Reports or images in a mail on social media.
  4. Besides, you can further save or share the scan job. Then you can click OK.

Steps to Utilize the HP Smart Print

  • First, verify that you connect your Printer and PC to the wireless network.
  • Following, click the Printer Settings on the home screen.
  • Next, click the Printer Home Page (EWS). Certainly, click the Web Services and verify that you allow the Web Services.


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